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Discover Your Privileged Access Management (PAM) Maturity Score

Discover Your Priviledged Access Management (PAM) Maturity Score

Discover Your Privileged Access
Management (PAM) Maturity Score

Privileged accounts are the keys to your kingdom, and they’re under attack…

of organizations
have experienced
a data breach

were breached
in the last
two years

of organizations
have experienced
a data breach

were breached
in the last
two years

Privilege Access Management may be the single most important security technology that an organization can put in place.

Let’s optimize yours.


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Answer our short quiz and gain comprehensive insights and a complimentary, customized report on the current state of your PAM practice and specific steps to improve your cyber resilience.

We’ve broken down our most popular one-day identity security workshop into a handful of key questions that will help us develop your customized path to achieve PAM maturity.

Developed in partnership with industry leader CyberArk, industry standard leader, IDMWORKS’ proven PAM assessment is now easily available for IAM leaders and cybersecurity experts.

PAM Isn’t Sexy, but it’s Critical.

Your organization’s administrative accounts can easily become vulnerable to breaches without an integrated PAM program in place.

vulnerabilities are associated with excess admin rights

of breaches are the result of privilege account abuse or misses

of breaches start with stolen and/or weak passwords

of companies aren’t adequately tracking privileged access

Where Do You Land on the PAM Scale?

By taking our assessment, you’ll find out where your organization scores along the PAM Maturity scale and will be provided with a clear roadmap to an optimized program.


Critical Concerns! The organization has an increased risk of serious regulatory violations, significant audit findings, and extremely damaging security incidents.


Deficient. The organization has an unacceptable risk posture in terms of preventing or containing security incidents.


Baseline. An acceptable position for some. For those in heavily regulated industries or with highly sensitive data or valuable intellectual property, this is likely insufficient security. (see email for 2 options)


This is the goal state for many security practitioners. This is sufficient for the large majority of organizations, even those in highly regulated industries.


This level represents the ‘perfect’ PAM environment. Highly mature processes, the most sophisticated and capable tools.

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Low PAM Maturity vs High PAM Maturity

A better understanding of PAM maturity levels helps IAM and security leaders realize the impacts it has on the business.

Symptoms / Hallmarks and Business Impacts for PAM Maturity

Those with Low PAM program maturity often suffer:
  • Inappropriate Access Assignment
  • Credential Compromise
  • Failed Penetration Tests
  • SOD Violations
  • Internal / External Audit Issues
  • Weak Authentication 
  • Unmanaged Vendor Access
  • Users with Administrative Permissions on Workstations
Business Impacts
of Low Maturity
  • Weakened Organization Security Posture
  • Inability to Achieve Audit & Compliance Mandate
Those with High PAM program maturity often employ:
  • Least Privilege Access Model
  • Just-In-Time Access
  • Clean Internal and External Audits
  • Secure Administrative Access
  • Well-Controlled Vendor Access
Business Impacts
of High Maturity
  • Ability to Meet Audit & Regulatory Compliance
  • Improved Organizational Security Position

A Powerhouse Partnership

IDMWORKS is the de facto industry standard in IAM assessment, strategy, implementation, and management for all organizations looking to improve their identity programs. Our Gartner-recognized approach has resulted in over 3,000 successful identity transformations across 800 client sites supporting everything from establishing internal IAM programs to highly complex integrated workforce and consumer IAM solutions.

40% of companies that experienced the largest breaches in the last decade turned to CyberArk. CyberArk is passionate about helping our customers drive security excellence – and it shows. CyberArk is the known market share leader and #1 vendor in privileged access management. Every day we continue to pioneer new innovations and lead the market with proven methodologies and an award-winning customer experience.

What are you waiting for?

Take our PAM Maturity assessment and access the insights you need to build and optimize your organization’s PAM program